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Masseria Scrivilleri is immersed in the greenery of the province of Syracuse.

It takes its name from the block which is included in the maps as a historic Masseria with the name of Masseria Scrivilleri.

In turn, Scrivilleri is the name that Paolo Orsi gave to the Paleochristian Catacombs in the area, which are cataloged as Scrivilleri Catacombs.

The torrent that flows in an opening in the rock of the Climiti Mountains also takes the name of Torrente Scrivilleri, precisely because it is present near the Caseggiato. According to the same principle, the Karst cave adjacent to the Masseria takes its name, which in recent years thanks to the work of various Sicilian speleological groups has become one of the largest and most beautiful caves in Sicily and beyond .

These are all names historically present in the various military maps of the Second World War and in the studies made on the settlements of the various populations in Sicily.

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