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Sheep and Goat Mozzarella

Sheep and Goat Mozzarella

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DESCRIPTION: the sheep and goat mozzarella has a pure white color. Soft and juicy, with a sweet, decisive and slightly acidic taste. It is a product that is difficult to process due to the no predisposition of sheep and goat milk to spinning but which invites we to do it due to its uniqueness and clear difference from its “cousins” fior di latte and buffalo mozzarella.


    It can be consumed alone or with the addition of extra virgin olive oil and salt that enhance its flavor. Recommended for the preparation of delicious mixed or caprese salads.


    The fresh milk from the morning milking and the previous evening is collected and brought to the dairy, heated to a temperature of 38°C, is inoculated with lactic ferments and subsequently curdled. For the production of this cheese, the milk is not pasteurized. Once the curd is obtained, it is broken into a nut and left to mature under whey for about three hours. It is then cut into strips and spun with 3% salted water at a temperature of 85°C and cut by hand. It is transferred to the preserving liquid and placed for consumption the next day after processing.

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    Ingredients: raw sheep and goat milk, rennet, enzymes, salt, citric acid

    Allergens: milk and milk products (including lactose)

    Storage: keep in a dry and dark place at + 4 °C. Five minutes before eating the mozzarella, it is advisable to immerse it with all its packaging in hot water, with a temperature around 35°C/40°C. The heat of the water will make the mozzarella soft and tasty

    Milk: sheep and goat

    Seasoning: fresh

    Size: 500g aprox or 1kg aprox. The weight, being manually predetermined, can slightly deviate + or - from the declared

    Packaging: packed in buckets

    Shelf life: 10 days from the date of packaging

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