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Masseria Scrivilleri: Flavors of Sicily

Green olives seasoned "Siciliana Style"

Green olives seasoned "Siciliana Style"

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DESCRIPTION: salted and crushed Sicilian olives, seasoned with fresh carrots, celery and mint.


    Seasoned green olives are a great snack to put on the table while you wait for dinner. They are perfect enjoyed with homemade bread, as an appetizer, aperitif or side dish. They are suitable for numerous preparations and to flavor your dishes.

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    Ingredients: Sicilian green olives in brine, carrots, celery, sunflower oil, mint, extra virgin olive oil.

    Allergens: s edane or celery-based products

    Storage: keep in a dry and dark place at + 4°C

    Format: 250g aprox, 500g aprox or 750g aprox. The weight, being manually predetermined, can slightly deviate + or - from the declared

    Packaging: vacuum packed

    Shelf life: 10 days from the date of packaging.

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