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Masseria Scrivilleri: Flavors of Sicily

Fresh Drunk Pecorino with Nero d'Avola wine

Fresh Drunk Pecorino with Nero d'Avola wine

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DESCRIPTION: the fresh drunk pecorino has a smooth and burgundy colored rind. The paste is compact, ivory in color with slight holes. Its taste and aroma are delicate, aromatic with a fruity note of Nero D'Avola .


    The drunk raw milk pecorino is excellent consumed in purity to savor the aroma and fullness given by the raw milk used. It can therefore be used both as a table cheese and in the kitchen. Excellent as an appetizer or main course in combination with other dishes. We recommend combining it with typical Sicilian cold cuts, jams or honey, fresh bread and olives, which enhance its intense and decisive taste.


    The fresh milk from the morning milking and the previous evening is collected and brought to the dairy, heated to a temperature of 38 ° C, is inoculated with lactic ferments and subsequently curdled. For the production of this cheese, the milk is not pasteurized. Once the curd is obtained, it is broken into a grain of corn and once separated from the whey, the pasta is transferred into molds to give the typical shape of Sicilian pecorino. The salting is done in saturated brine and the refinement takes place in special cells at controlled temperature and humidity.

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    Ingredients: raw sheep and goat milk, rennet, ferments, salt, Nero D'Avola wine

    Allergens: milk and milk products (including lactose), sulphites in concentrations above 10mg / kg

    Milk: sheep and goat

    Seasoning: short seasoning (15 to 60 days)

    Format: wedges of approx 500g or 1kg approx.

    Packaging: vacuum packed

    Shelf life: 2 months from the date of packaging

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