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Masseria Scrivilleri: Flavors of Sicily

Seasoned dried Tomatoes

Seasoned dried Tomatoes

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DESCRIPTION: dried tomatoes are a cornerstone of the Sicilian agri-food tradition . They are characterized by a fleshy and elastic appearance and a typical brown red color.

The flavor, strong and characteristic, and the smell, fragrant and pleasant, give it a unique taste in the world.

Our dried tomatoes are seasoned with fresh basil, capers.


    The Sicilian dried tomato has the advantage of being good in purity or accompanied with warm and fragrant bruschetta. Ideal as an appetizer or aperitif. Again, it can be an ornament and ingredient for spaghetti with garlic, oil and chilli pepper or perhaps with the proverbial addition of the “muddica atturrata”, excellence of home cooking. It can also be used to enrich many dishes with flavor .

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    Ingredients: dried tomatoes, basil, capers, sunflower oil, extra virgin olive oil.

    Allergens: none

    Storage: store in a dry and dark place at + 4 ° C.

    Format: approx.200g, approx.400g or approx.600g The weight, being manually predetermined, may differ slightly in + or - from the declared

    Packaging: vacuum packed

    Shelf life: 10 days from the date of packaging

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