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Masseria Scrivilleri: Flavors of Sicily

Baked Salted Ricotta

Baked Salted Ricotta

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DESCRIPTION:   The salted ricotta has a milky white color. The consistency of the dough is semi-hard and compact and the crust has a biscuit brown color. It has no strong odors and has a delicate but strongly savory and slightly smoky flavor.


    Baked salted ricotta is excellent to combine grated on pasta dishes or to give a strong and tasty flavor to omelettes or savory pies. A special mention goes to the very famous and Sicilian pasta alla Norma. To give a touch of brio, unusual but apt, we recommend adding flakes of salted ricotta to a simple tomato salad.


    La ricotta salata si differenzia dalla lavorazione della ricotta fresca per una cottura molto spinta al fine di ottenere un prodotto molto asciutto. Successivamente viene cosparsa di sale e lasciata asciugare e stagionare per circa 2 mesi ed infornata.

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    Ingredients: sheep and goat milk whey, raw sheep and goat milk, salt.

    Allergens: milk and milk-based products (including lactose), may contain traces of dried fruit

    Milk: sheep and goat

    Storage: keep in a dry and dark place at + 4°C

    Format: 250 g aprox or 500g aprox. The weight, being manually predetermined, can slightly deviate + or - from the declared

    Packaging: vacuum packed

    Seasoning: medium seasoning (from 60 to 180 days)

    Shelf life: 2 months from the date of packaging


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